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By Mark | April 19, 2010

This is an open source project of substantial size, written entirely in C#. It builds on our enhanced civil/survey mathematics project to provide common computations.

The database is entirely in XML, and conforms to the data specifications. Unlike many projects which simply provide an import/export mechanism, openKogo is based entirely on the LandXML specifications.

The project will be able to synchronize updates between the various applications, and Tinkerboltz Technologies will be releasing a Windows Phone 7 based client. This would permit engineers and field crews to update their database information on the phone with the office databases, greatly increasing the overall efficiency.

As with all open source software, it is free to use, free to change, free to distribute, and free for employee use at home. This provides a great deal of flexibility, and a strong future. Your data conforms to a well described format and is not proprietary in nature. In other words, we don’t own your data; you do.

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